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Fish circle
Fish circle

Curaçao - Natural Wonders

North and northeast shores of the island are almost barren yet spectacular. Formed from grandiose coral masses compressed by time and ever pounding waves, they captivate by vastness of lunar-like landscape and overwhelming power of the ocean. Your lungs are getting inflated by refreshing wind. Microscopic ocean water drops are suspended in the air and inhaled, leaving salty-bitter taste in your mouth. You already forgot that you are on Curaçao to relax on the beach.

Shete Boka Shete Boka National Park ("Park Nashonal di Shete Boca"). Shete Boka means "Seven Mouths" in Papiamentu. At the ocean it starts with Boca Tabla - a lively inlet and a cave.
Shete Boka Boka Tabla cave. You can enter the cave "at your own risk". There is nothing dangerous though except for while you are straining to look in one direction (where there is narrow opening with view of the sky and the ocean) vicious waves might attack you suddenly from behind. The splash can be quite strong and kind of refreshing. So, be careful.
Shete Boka Boca Pistol trail in Shete Boka park. It looks like if you get there you'll be baked alive. Not quite: ocean spray and winds will cool you down, and rhythmic pounding of the waves will make you forget your immediate worries.
Shete Boka It seems like nothing can survive here, but if you scrutinize the grounds you will find many diminutive plant species adapted to living under conditions of high salinity, heat, and constant wind. Also, here and there, you'll catch a sight of beautiful blò-blò lizards, which are very shy (see more about them on "Curaçao fauna" page ).
Shete Boka Boca Pistol. In temporary pools formed by splashing ocean water at the edges of the cliff you might discover some marine organisms brought to the land by waves.
Shete Boka Boka Pistol is a relatively wide inlet where waves are gnawing at the shallow shelf that withstood the assault for ages.
Shete Boka Boka Pistol. As a result of this irregularity in the shore's edge, rushing waves are getting disturbed creating extra shear and turbulence of the water mass.
Shete Boka Boka Pistol. According to some mysterious internal rhythm, two waves clash with each other at more or less regular intervals, producing huge vertical surge and a rumble and spraying hypnotized spectators with fine mist of ocean water.
Shete Boka Nature's Jacuzzi. Nice, eh?
Shete Boka Supladó Crater. Wow, what's this?!
Shete Boka It is the Supladó Crater - a huge hole burrowed in the coral massive by persistent waves and water currents worming their way into the ancient coral blocks.
Shete Boka Supladó Crater. Mischievous ocean splashes you all of sudden while you are lounging in the shallow...
Shete Boka Supladó Crater. Then, it recedes to reveal scary looking hole to where it would like to suck you, which never happens. You are safe in the warm and relaxing cradle that Mother Nature created for you.
Shete Boka Watamula is a point in the extreme northwest (Westpunt) of Curaçao. Here ocean had drilled much scarier hole. The water is churning inside; mad undercurrents produce ominous hissing sounds. We heard that slaves were thrown there in the dark ages of slavery. We can refer to it as an evil eye of Curaçao.
Shete Boka Watamula. This picture fails to reflect one of the most amusing phenomena offered by the island. This, at the first sight unremarkable hole in the coral formation, is an entrance to a delicate channel that leads all the way to the ocean. The ocean rhythmic undulations produce alternate pressures and vacuums in the channel resulting in "breathing" sounds. The effect is so real that some can get goose bumps and recall all fairy tales with sleeping giants in them.




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