çao, Netherland Antilles: LimeStone Holiday


Fish circle
Fish circle

Curaçao - Limestone Holiday

Limestone Holiday is a privately held inn that consists of several apartments perched on the steep shore. The hosts are very talented people: they manage to combine keen business capabilities with generosity and kindness that you will rarely encounter in hospitality business. Going to party - get advice, feeling sick - ask for medicine, have a nervous breakdown - go to chill in perfect serenity of the private beach. The inn is in walking distance to the Boat House - restaurant and a starting point of many boating tours, including Klein Curaçao tour. As far as we understood and according to our observations, cruise passengers are main customers of many tourist companies on the island because booking of the available tours is done on their behalf very well in advance. If you are not a tourist of a cruise ship, you need make an effort to plan your stay on Curaçao - make your on-line reservations early, follow up by calling them in advance to make sure that you are included.

Limestone Holiday The inn is located in secluded corner of Spanish water bay. Hosts want to "keep it as authentic as possible".
Limestone appartment Apartments are tastefully furnished. Kitchenette and a complimentary car to drive around the island will save you tons of money.
Spanish watera From the beach and from some of the apartments you can overlook Spanish Water bay.
Blacky This is dog who lives on the premises. Not surprisingly, she was named Blacky. She barks a little but mostly hangs out at different corners of the establishments including the beach.
Mambo beach This is what you get on Mambo beach (near Breezes hotel).
Limestone beach This is your own private paradise.
Shete Boka Regatta in Spanish water bay.
Shete Boka Be careful not to get in the middle of it while kayaking from the Limestone Holiday.
Shete Boka You can snorkel in Limestone too. Owners have sunk some objects to attract and provide shelter to some fish. This puffer appreciated the gesture and made the Limestone his permanent residence. The sunken kayak also houses a big lobster who is very shy. You can try and watch him to break his cover - he alternates two hiding places. Most of the time all you can see of him is his antennae. There are other fish species darting in the clear warm water contrasting with white marble plate that lies on the bottom.
Shete Boka Watch January rain under typical tropical thatched roof. You can see that rain is still here but not so far away sky is already clearing.

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