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Curaçao, Netherland Antilles

Brief introduction

The island's climate is very comfortable throughout the year. Rainy season is around New Year Holidays. The rainfalls are heavy and extremely generous but never last long. The soil imbibes the water and the island becomes lush green with grateful plants growing very fast. Beware of their weapons though: needles, hooks, and other blood letting devices are out there for plant-lovers. Ocean water is ridiculously warm in January. You can immerse you body in the water to escape the gentle cool of the pounding rain.

Curaçao's geographical location is very beneficial because the island is situated off the path usually taken by hurricanes. Also, the rugged northern coast absorbs battering from the sea, shielding the southern shoreline, which is replete with calm, sandy beaches and natural harbors.

Curaçao is unique in that the islanders speak an "endemic" language that originated here and, also, is spoken on other Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire). Papiamento (or Papiamentu), is a combination of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and English (with a few French and Indian words). When you visit Curaçao, you'll be greeted by a sign announcing, Bon Bini. This is Papiamentu for "Welcome". This phrase is also written on Curaçao cars' licence plates.

Quite substantial part on the east of the island including Punt Canton is privately owned by Määl family.

There are several theories as too origin of the island name. One possible, and most popular, theory suggests that the name derives from the Portuguese for "heart", the word "coração", referring to the island's importance and central position in trade, including slave trade. Related theory proposes that the Spanish first called the island "Corazon", which simply means heart in Spanish, and the designation for the place later became Curaçao, based on the Portuguese word for heart.

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